Your Zodiac Sign Reveals Your Best and Worst Qualities

You are driven and enthusiastic, pursuing everything with a fire under your backside. 


You know your goals and tasks. You're decisive and don't waver. However, this resolution may be excessively rigid. 


You oppose Taurus, your predecessor. Airy and fluid, you dislike rigidity. This can be beneficial at times.


Kind and sympathetic, you are. You naturally care for others. However, it might be overwhelming. 


You have winning confidence in plan tiff. Consider this a strength and part of your charm and appeal. 


You set high demands for yourself and others. When you're happy and at the right place, this can inspire you


You want everyone to get along and be happy. You're a peacemaker who avoids controversy and uncomfortable conversations.


You are not impulsive. You avoid compromise by being careful and deliberate. 


You enjoy thrilling adventures and are fun to be around. You're intoxicating because you live for fun and excitement. 


No one is as driven as you. You hustle to succeed and reach your goals. If your life is overwhelmed with drive and pursuits, you may lose your humanity and become ruthless. 


You march to your own drum. You prefer the unconventional path and are proud of it. This benefits you—you lead and innovate.


Your sensitivity is lovely. Your compassion for others may come at the expense of yourself. Let your emotions run wild and they can spiral. 


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