Worst Foods for Your Cholesterol

1. Diet still matters

Half the total heart attacks really occur in people having typical cholesterol levels.

2. Soda

Sugar is the most dangerous substance people face today. 

3. Trans fats

According to dietician Spano, "manmade trans fatty acids raise cholesterol and on their own increase heart disease risks.

Trans fats

Baked items, sweets, and even some kinds of chocolate can be purchased prepackaged.

4. Fried foods

Frying and deep-frying dishes in harmful oils is a common practice. 

Fried foods

High-temperature heating in these kinds of oils leads to chemical processes that enhance the creation of trans fats, according to studies.

5. Breakfast cereal

Spano cautions that most cereals, especially cold morning cereals, are high in processed carbs and added sugars.