Why Is The Dolphins-chiefs Game In Germany? NFL's Top 2023 Game Moved Abroad, Not In Prime Time

NFL international games lack pregame hype, unlike the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Miami Dolphins matchup, where both teams are highly ranked in the AFC.

 Both teams have a 6-2 record as they enter the second regular season game in Germany. 

Dolphins-Chiefs game is one of the best this weekend, but not in the US. 

Only the third NFL International Series game with two winning teams, and it's highly anticipated. 

Why Germany for Chiefs and Dolphins instead of the US? Reasons explained in NBC's Football Morning in America column this week. 

Kansas City preferred Germany for the game. Teams must play a game at an international site every eight years. 

Chiefs had only six home opponents due to divisional games not being international. 

Chiefs have big prime-time games against Eagles, Bills, and Bengals. 

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