What Foods Should You Avoid If You Want To Lose Weight?

Considered a healthier sweetener alternative, agave syrup may not be as virtuous as it seems.

Agave Ambush

It's high in fructose and calories, potentially undermining your weight loss efforts. Choose natural sweeteners like stevia or use honey in moderation.

Salads are a weight loss staple, but beware of drowning your greens in high-calorie dressings.

Salad Dressing Downfall

Make your own dressing with olive oil, vinegar, and herbs for a light and flavorful option.

Trail mix can be a deceptive blend of healthy nuts and sugar-loaded treats. 

Trail Mix Trouble 

While nuts are nutritious, the added candies and dried fruits can turn your snack into a calorie bomb. 

Rice cakes may seem like a low-calorie snack, but they lack the nutrients to keep you satisfied.

Rice Cake Ruse

They can lead to overeating later on. Choose snacks with more protein and fiber to keep hunger at bay.

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