Top 3 Transfer Options for QB Maalik Murphy

Maalik Murphy, the quarterback for the Texas Longhorns, was praised for staying with the team, but this winter he could be a top transfer quarterback.

As Steve Sarkisian said in the press conference after the game, "To me, in this era of 'things don't go my way, I'm going to take my ball and go somewhere else.

This university, and love being here is what makes the culture in our locker room what it is.

But it wouldn't be a surprise if Murphy decided to leave and join a different team where he could be the main player full-time.

There needs to be a quarterback for the Buckeyes. This season, Kyle McCord hasn't played the part. 

 The Buckeyes have done a good job of recruiting, but there isn't a clear choice behind McCord this season.

Ohio State also approached Murphy when he was still in high school, so they already know each other.

It would be great for Hugh Freeze if Murphy played quarterback. The Tigers had some good games in 2023, but they need a real quarterback for the future.

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