These 5 Signs Have a Gift with Words

Geminis communicate most openly. Curios, witty, and the largest social butterflies, they are.


Engage one in conversation and they will captivate you with their huge phrases. 

Libras flirt the most and best. Attractive, charismatic, and friendly. They command a room and can talk to anyone.


Because of their diplomatic and balanced communication style, they get along with practically everyone. They love beauty, so expect constant compliments.

Leos charm with their words. Complimenting them will increase your compensation.


They will become more seductive if you flirt. They're smart and charismatic. Their presence will make you feel unique.

Sagittarians are wise. Knowledge and eloquence impress people.


Don't be surprised if you hang on their every word—they're well-read and traveled.

Pisces, who are very accessible, filter their remarks with sensitivity. Any intelligent talk using this water sign might be passionate. 


They can handle any topic because they comprehend emotions. They listen well, so you never have to guess their sincerity. 

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