Seahawks' Win Over Browns: 6 Intriguing Stats

Not a new idea, but haven't seen it on Field Gulls recently. Seahawks leading NFC West, good time for new series.

Week 8 win over Cleveland Browns: 6 standout numbers. 6 is half of 12, and we're almost halfway through the season. Good feeling.

You've likely heard this before. Boye Mafe has sacked in consecutive games. I admire him a lot. 

Kenneth Walker and Zach Charbonnet had an average Yards per Carry on Sunday. 

Seattle quietly gained 114 rushing yards. They all had big gains of over 20 yards, despite receiving few carries.

Penalty first downs. Cleveland benefited, Seattle did not. Without Geno Smith's final drive, this article would have blamed the officials for Seattle's loss.

They're highly penalized, struggle with missed tackles and interceptions, but still manage to win. Team needs to stop self-sabotage.

Browns' rush attempts against our defense. Seattle limited Cleveland's rush offense to 3.9 YPC, below their usual average.

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