Purdue's Ryan Walters Discusses Talented Players. J.j. Mccarthy Previews Michigan

Purdue football coach Ryan Walters spoke to the media before the game against Michigan.

The Boilermakers have had a tough season under Walters, winning only two games and losing three in a row since October.

If you know how to crack it, please tell me. Many people have struggled this year. Michigan has great players.

Their scheme is strong in offense, defense, and special teams. They create problems and undermine your strengths. They have skilled players.

Even when they make mistakes, they have players who can compensate and overcome errors during a play.

Michigan is special right now. I'm excited to plan and compete against them in a great environment.

Do you watch the news? Check social media. Michigan allegations? What will be the impact on them Saturday night?

Unsure. I prioritize our team. We are aware of the allegations. We will plan accordingly.

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