Miami Hurricanes Vs. Florida State Seminoles Postponed 6 Days

The ACC released kickoff times and TV coverage for games on November 11th on Monday afternoon.

 The next week, they will stay on the road for a grudge game against the Florida State Seminoles, who everyone hates. 

ABC has guaranteed that this game will be shown across the country. Since the Noles are a top 5 team and Miami is 6-2 (hopefully 7-2), that makes a lot of sense. 

When is that game going to happen? We'll know by late Saturday or Sunday.

It's strange that the TV part has been guaranteed but not the kickoff time, but that makes sense when a team in the running for the playoffs is playing their enemy.

 The ACC wants as many people to see FSU this year as possible, and they've also wanted to use Miami's well-known name for a long time. 

This gives them the chance to do both at the same time.

Pay attention to NC State and get that win. Then everyone will be looking at Tallahassee to ruin the Noles' season again.

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