Low-Calorie Sandwich Recipes Perfect for Summer

1. Vegetarian 

This deliciously simple sandwich delivers a powerful punch thanks to its unusual combination of artichoke hearts, red onion, and spicy pepperoncini.

2. Cucumber Sandwich

The combination of creamy mayonnaise and crisp cucumbers on a sandwich is the perfect blend of indulgence and freshness. 

Cucumber  sandwich

The cream cheese yogurt spread goes well with the cool, crisp cucumber, and the whole-grain bread provides a solid foundation for the sandwich.

3. Caprese Sandwich

This caprese sandwich is bursting with flavor thanks to the combination of fresh basil and hearty, crusty ciabatta.

Caprese Sandwich

Sun-dried tomatoes provide richness to the dish. If you need to cook the sandwich ahead of time, using toasted bread and topping it with basil leaves can help prevent it from becoming soggy.

4. Crispy Cod Sandwich

This baked fish sandwich dish is healthier than fried versions while retaining all the crunchiness.

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