Latest News, Rumors, And Updates On 2023 Nfl Trade Deadline

The deadline to trade in the NFL is at 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday, October 31. PFT has news and analysis of every trade, possible trade, trade rumor, and trade that won't happen.

There was talk that Derrick Henry might be moved, but he told them he was happy to stay with the Titans. 

Henry was told by the Titans that they had no plans to trade him.

Will Levis is likely to stay at quarterback for Tennessee, so Ryan Tannehill's name could come up in trade talks.

Hey there, and welcome to the Big Ten Power Rankings! 

Coach Kyle Shanahan of the 49ers said he doesn't think they need to do anything at the trade deadline.

After Kirk Cousins got hurt, could Kyler Murray be moved to the Vikings?

It's not easy for the Vikings to find a new starting QB in the middle of the season.

Because of his deal, the Panthers probably won't be able to trade Brian Burns.

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