Kimberly García Loses World Record Due To Incorrect Course Measurement

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García, a former world champion in 20km and 35km distances, broke the record on Sunday with a time of 1:12:26.

Glenda Morejón and Evelyn Inga, both from Ecuador, won silver and bronze medals.

Suspicion arose about the race times in Santiago, Chile. Organizers confirmed the course was measured incorrectly, about 3km (1.86 miles) short.

Santiago 2023 Corporation blames Association of Pan American Athletics for annulled results.

Results of the female race walk event in Parque O'Higgins are annulled due to a measurement issue caused by the Association of Pan American Athletics (APA).

The expert hired by APA, Mr. Marcelo Ithurralde, made inaccurate measurements of the athletes' routes.

APA is the only authorized organization responsible for measuring and determining the official competition distance as per international regulations.

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