Best Mediterranean Diet Foods

A glass with dinner is a tradition that's also heart-healthy. 

Red Wine

Red wine, in moderation, is associated with antioxidants that may benefit cardiovascular health. Sip it with your evening meal.

 Poultry and lean cuts of pork are enjoyed in moderation. These lean proteins offer an alternative to red meat.

Lean Protein

 Grill chicken or roast lean pork for a balanced meal.

A great source of protein, they're often featured in breakfasts. 


Eggs are versatile and can be scrambled, poached, or used in omelets for a protein-packed start to the day.

Fresh seafood like shrimp and squid are Mediterranean delicacies.


Seafood is low in saturated fat and a great source of lean protein. Try a seafood paella or a shrimp pasta dish.

Nature's sweetener, it's used in many desserts. Replace refined sugar with honey for a natural, healthier sweetness in your recipes.


Drizzle it over yogurt, use it in dressings, or sweeten your tea.

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