Best High-fiber Foods For Weight Loss

1. Flaxseeds

These incredibly potent seeds provide nearly three grams of substantial fiber for only 55 calories per tablespoon.


We do not recommend cooking with flaxseeds due to their low smoke point, but they are a welcome chewy addition to smoothies, salad dressings, and yogurt.

2. Almonds

This nutrient-dense nut contains 15 percent of the daily fiber requirement per ounce! In addition.


To incorporate them into your diet, add them to yogurt and oatmeal, or consume them on their own as a refreshment.

3. Fresh Figs

Try adding chopped fresh figs to oatmeal or Greek yogurt along with honey, cinnamon, and almond slivers. 

Fresh Figs

Alternately, you can consume them whole for a sweet tooth-satisfying snack on the go. Four will set you back 189 calories.

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