3 Zodiac Signs Who Always Expect The Wrong Change

You fall hard during courtship and honeymoon in every relationship, Leo. Grand romance grabs your heart and sometimes your senses.


They make you feel like the only person in the world at first. Their apparent love, great gestures of affection, and nice words convinced you. 

This person understood your insecurities and stroked your ego in the correct ways. 

Venus, the planet of love, rules your zodiac sign and the seventh house of partnership


You love romance and want to discover “the one” above all else. You feel most balanced and at peace in a relationship, making you prone to romanticizing unhealthy ones.

Because you adore being in love, you disregard all the ways someone is bad or toxic for you. 

You've imagined your dream partner and once-in-a-lifetime romance since childhood. 


Dreamy Neptune makes it simple for you to romanticize relationships and miss their hazards. Your ability to see the good in others is your downfall. 

You are driven and enthusiastic, pursuing everything with a fire under your backside. 


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