3 Reasons Denver Broncos Can Make 2023 Playoffs

Can the Denver Broncos Week 8 triumph against the Kansas City Chiefs spark a tremendous run that gets them into the playoffs in 2023? 

 It may be possible. Call me crazy, but I think this team's identity is starting to form and has changed completely in the last month.

Getting to 3-5 is not "out of it". The Broncos preserved their season on Sunday by dominating over the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes' illness.

 This bye week, the Broncos can buy at the trade deadline. Buying a young player cheaply may be smart.

I also think the team should trade Montez Sweat or Chase Young for a third-round pick.

If the price is right, they should trade a player. Should we speak about the Broncos making the playoffs now? This team has potential.

The defense still has questions, but it has played better in the last month. Two of these games have been against Patrick Mahomes, which is good. 

This defense is playing top-10 football since opponents have scored 19 points per game in the last month. 

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