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7 Vegetables To Skip for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, it’s important to be careful about certain vegetables. Here’s a simple guide:

1. Potatoes

They are filling and nutritious but not the best for weight loss. Potatoes have a lot of calories, especially when fried (192 kcal) or boiled (82 kcal).

Baked potatoes are even higher at 95 on the glycemic index. While they have nutrients, their high-calorie content can affect weight loss.

2. Leguminous Vegetables

These are good sources of amino acids, potassium, zinc, and iron, but they are a bit high in calories (110-120 kcal). Eating a plate of bean soup with bread might not help you lose weight, so it’s best to limit these.

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3. Jerusalem Artichoke

Similar to potatoes in composition, it has 61 kcal and a glycemic index of 21. It’s not recommended for overweight people, but it can be beneficial for those with diabetes due to its inulin content.

4. Corn

Boiled corn has 110 kcal, and canned corn has 120 kcal. It’s nutrient-rich but high in carbohydrates (about 60% of the total). It’s not the best choice for a diet.

5. Beetroot

While it’s nutritious with folic acids and vitamins, it’s not ideal for a diet due to its 11% carbohydrate content and 49 kcal.

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6. Kohlrabi

This Mediterranean cabbage is low in calories (42 kcal) but cooking it increases its nutritional value. It’s rich in vitamin C and potassium salts.

7. Celery

While it’s debated whether celery helps with weight loss, it’s not recommended for those with stomach problems, varicose veins, or thrombophlebitis. Celery’s essential oils can be a problem for allergy sufferers, and it might cause increased bleeding during critical days for women.


Vegetables are generally good for your body, but if you’re trying to lose weight, be cautious with certain ones. Eating these vegetables in small quantities won’t harm you, but it’s essential to know which ones to include and which ones to avoid when on a weight loss journey.

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